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Reprinted with permission from Mr. Sunday's Saturday Night Chicken by Lorraine Wallace. Copyright 2012. Published by Wiley. Available wherever books are sold. All rights reserved. Soup is a meal, and Mr. Sunday's Soups by Lorraine Wallace is the ultimate guide to make us stop and smell the soup simmering on the stove. " Chef Art Smith, bestselling author" As the fortunate beneficiary of Lorraine's splendid skill with soups, I can attest her concoctions are smashing.

Follow Lorraine: View Videos Chris and Lorraine Wallace Bringing Back Lost Tradition Good Morning America Saturday Night Chicken Lorraine Wallace Mouth Watering Recipes Mr. Sunday's Soups Lorraine Wallace 700 Club Power Player of the Week Lorraine Wallace Wallace was attentive, yet firm about keeping the recipes userfriendly, Lorraine wallace chicken cookbook simona is why storebought chicken broth shows up in ingredient lists.

Lorraine Wallace wife of Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace shares a family tradition: the night before taping his show, Chris always wants something familiar and comforting for dinner: chicken.

Faced with the challenge of keeping the meals interesting, Lorraine created more than 100 delicious chicken recipes the whole family will love. Lorraines cookbooks besides MR& MRS SUNDAYS SUPPPERS include Mr. Sundays Soups, and Mr. Sundays Saturday Night Chicken.

All of them emphasize fresh ingredients, simple recipes that compliment our busy, contemporary life style, and a sense of wellbeing. This Sesame Chicken from Lorraine Wallace's Mr. Sunday's Saturday Night Chicken takes a classic weeknight dinner dish and gives it a The Best Chicken Lorraine Recipes on Yummly Lorraine Wallace's Stovetop Summer Chicken, Lorraine Wallace's Quick Chicken And Vegetable Quiche, Lorraine Wallace's Sesame Chicken Lorraines Signature Dish is Soup, so Her First Cookbook was Mr.

Sundays Soups Lorraine has published three books in the Mr. Sunday series, starting with 2010s Mr. Sundays Soups. According to her website, the book came about after Wallace began talking about how great his wifes soups are on air. Instead, get cooking with this recipe for Chicken Parmesan Bake.

The easy Italian recipe has only 10 ingredients and can be baked within about 35 minutes. You'll love serving this delicious and hearty recipe for Hearty, soulful soups from Chris Wallace's favorite cook Known to millions as the anchor of Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace is one of the most popular news show hosts in the country.

After a long day on air, Chris would often arrive home hungry and delight at the sight of a big pot of his wife Lorraine's soup on the burner. Lorraine Wallace, wife of Fox Sunday News anchor Chris Wallace, writes her third cookbook, following Mr. Sundays Soups and Mr. Sundays Saturday Night Chicken, both New York Times bestsellers. An expert on making meals for the family, Lorraine presents recipes that are sure to bring everyone together on any occasion, from