Sims 3 names of pregnancy books to read

as far as i've seen, there are only 2 pregnancy books and my sim has read both from her 2 previous pregnancies but now she's pregnant with her 3rd child and she has the want to read a pregnancy book.

will rereading the book fulfill the wish? thanks in advance. May 11, 2012  No, you don't need to read the books for a successful pregnancy. You need to keep their mood up in the elated section.

However, if they have a wish to read a book, then fulfilling that wish will help keep their mood up. There is a third book that you can get it the medical profession that looks like a pregnancy book, but it doesn't Pregnancy Books Your sim may get a want to read pregnancy books, or to have the baby's father read pregnancy books. This can boost her mood and improve your chances of getting good traits for the baby (or even getting to choose yourself). This is a list of all book types that authors can write in the Sims 3.

Use it to help choose what types of books to write to maximize your profit. For example, books like dramas can take a long time to write, yet provide relatively low profit from royalty checks compared to books of similar size.

I have a pregnant sim that wants the father to read a pregnancy book, now I hav tried everything, I've had her read the available books, I carry them in inventory everytime I go to the father's house, I just can't seem to figure it out. My sims got credit for reading preganancy books while she was pregnant.

I think there were two of them I bought from the bookstore. He read one and she read them both. For starters, if you want all the 'woohoo' and 'try for baby' options etc for teens, you'll have to install a mod (modthesims). Mods are really Jun 07, 2009 Sims 3 Pregnancy Books? What are the names of the pregnancy books. Ive heard that there are some, but dont see them at the bookstore.

can you help me please? 10 points to best answer. Jul 29, 2011  107 Facts YOU Should KNOW About VIDEO GAMES! ! ! S5 E23 107 The Sims Facts YOU Should Know! The Leaderboard Duration: 19: 05. Where are the stupid pregnancy books! ? My pregnant sim and her husband always have the want to read a pregnancy book. The want says" prepare for the big day [blah blah many pregnancy books at the bookstore". Jun 02, 2009 Go to the book store in town walk into the building and the will be under all or others they are white books and always have the word pregnancy in them.

Remember when reading time for the sims was that one red generic book in The Sims 1? Well, bookshelves have since evolved from that one defacto book to over a hundred different books in The Sims 3! Buyable Books. These books can be bought at the book store andor come as starter books for a bookshelf. General.

Sims can read these List of books in The Sims 3. These skill books are only found in markets in World Adventures subneighborhoods Reading bait books will teach baits for the fishing skill. Base Game Bait Books Edit.

Name Picture Author Level Page More The Sims Wiki. 1 The Sims 4; 2 Trait (The Sims 4) 3 WooHoo; Explore Wikis Vikings Wiki. Nov 21, 2011 Pregnant Sims get wishes to read pregnancy books and reading them fulfills that wish (yes, my superpower is stating the obvious ).

Fulfilling wishes give positive moodlets, which help to keep her mood up. In The Sims 2, there are three books, a romance book, a study book, and a kids book. Sims can use them to study mechanical, cooking, or cleaning, to write in a diary, or to Read a Book, which increases the fun motive.

Reading pregnancy books (or having the father read them) boosts your sim's mood during the pregnancy, and are a good way of ensuring good traitsgetting to pick. Hot Tubs If your Sim tried for baby in a hot tub, there's a chance the baby will be born with the Hydrophobic or Party Animal trait.