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When ice fishing for walleye in the winter you will need a reliable gas, electric, propane or manual ice auger. Dusk and dawn are the best times to go ice fishing for walleye because they prefer their light in the low to dim range. If you want to produce often during the winter, aim for the dark and overcast days. The World's Foremost Authority On Freshwater Fishing Here are 7 goto cranks for walleye recommended by tournament professionals and guides that you should have in your walleye tackle regardless of where you fish.

Reef Runner 800. When the first Reef Runner hit the shelves in the mid90s, it was an instant hit. Sep 06, 2018 I used the TailDancer Deep (TDD11) out on Lake of the Woods for a week, then decided to go even bigger to the Bandit Deep Walleye. I love the bandits! Produced bigger fish and out performed my Tail Dancers. InFisherman is the worlds authority on walleye fishing, producing detailed walleye articles, walleye videos, walleye books, and online exclusive walleye content Walleye Guide is filled with timely features on the nature of walleyes, statebystate notes, tactical fishing traditions and trends, tackle, boats, motors, electronics, and more.