How do you build a simple bookcase

Since the bookcase has no back, you need to install a wood strip, or hanging rail, to screw each case to the wall. Cut the rail from a 1 x Aug 30, 2018  When you build a bookshelf, try to make the shelves 12 or 16 inches deep so they fit most books better. Then, use a table saw to cut the boards with the good side facing up so they look better. Once all of the boards are cut, use wood glue and 2 screws to attach the sides to the base.

Calculate how deep you want the bookcase frame and the shelves to be, subtract 1116 inches to account for the added depth of the 54 solidwood trim, then have the lumberyard rip all your sheets into boards of that width. Jun 19, 2006 If you use cheap plywood, you could build a bookshelf for less than 20. If you want something better, like oak, you can expect that price to quadruple. On the other hand, if you use rare or exotic woods, the cost of a small bookshelf could easily exceed 1000 or more.